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7 reasons to drink bone broth

Highly nutritious

Bones are rich in vitamins and nutrients like calcium, magnesium & phosphorous
Tissues and bones also contain collagen, which provides the body with amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins.
Bone Marrow is rich in nutrients such as:
vitamins A and K
fatty acids

It may help reduce inflammation and heal the gut

Some amino acids present within bone broth may also be helpful for digestion. This may help with conditions such as leaky gut, which irritates the mucosal lining in the intestines and interferes with the body's ability to digest food.

Some people with inflammatory bowel disease tend to have lower levels of some amino acids in their bodies. For these people, getting additional amino acids into their diets may help with some symptoms of the condition.
Drinking bone broth daily may be a simple way to get anti-inflammatory amino acids like glutamine into the body.

It may protect the joints

Bone broth is a source of gelatin, break down into collagen in the body. This is especially important in the joints.
Cartilage in the joints tends to wear down or shrink through continual use. This can add more stress to the joints.
Consuming bone broth is a good way to add gelatin to the diet.

It may help fight osteoarthritis

The compounds present in bone broth help maintain the joints, and they may also help people who already have osteoarthritis.
Collagen can help improve knee joint symptoms, such as pain, stiffness, and poorer physical function, in people with osteoarthritis.
Consuming bone broth may be an easy way to deliver the same type of collagen, along with other helpful nutrients, to the body.

It may aid sleep

A good night sleep is so important and something we all could with a bit more of!
The amino acid glycine in bone broth may also promote better sleep in some people, plus glycine supports the central nervous system
People who take glycine before going to sleep may feel that they sleep better and have less fatigue during the following day, drinking bone broth with a simple dinner may help provide this glycine.

It's good for digestion and gut health

The collagen in bone broth helps heal your gut lining and reduces intestinal inflammation. All this can help aid in digestion. Bone broth has nutrients that help maintain good health from brain to gut, the amino acids in broth are great building blocks of protein and muscle tissue.
The gelatin will also help increase your gut flora.

Bone broth can boots your immunity

Amino acids in bone broth like arginine, glutamine & cysteine can boost immunity

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