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Grass fed beef bones

We are lucky enough to live in the heart of the beautiful Calder Valley and source our grass fed beef bones from our local farmer and butcher, Stephen Maskill.

His family has been farming for over 200 years in the area and, being traditional farmers, their beef and lamb are all grass fed. Although not organic they have not used any artificial fertilisers on their 65 acre farm for the last 40 years. 

All his cows are fully free range and spend their lives grazing and foraging across his land.

Stephen's meat is only sold through his butcher's shop in Hebden Bridge, which he has run for the last 30 years and is absolute top quality.

A truly old fashioned butchers shop where meat is talked about, from it's cut to it's flavour and provenance. You could almost say it's an education in the art of choosing your meat.

Stephen has won numerous awards for his prize winning beef and lamb herd and has been a show judge on many occasions in the Yorkshire Dales.

As they say,  " He's a man who knows his beef "!


 Marsh top farm shop are a family of farmers and butchers based in their Bronte country farm in Oxenhope Yorkshire where they breed and rear their animals, they sell their products at the their farm shop in Halifax and at market stalls in the Yorkshire Pennines.

 They started in 2003 with four Highland cows as a hobby, before long their hobby became a family business employing all 5 of the family. 

They now have a herd of 80 grass fed beef cattle, mostly Highland with some belted Galloway and Aberdeen Angus.

They also have a flock of 30 sheep and pasture reared pigs from a range of native breeds including Saddleback, Gloucester old spot and large white.

The animals are grass reared in their Yorkshire farm fields and you can be sure that their meat is top quality and is produced to the highest welfare standards and matured traditionally producing a tender and succulent meat with fantastic flavour.

If you would like to know more about Marsh Top Farm please click in the link below